Excursion in Tivoli
The ancient town of Tibur (now Tivoli), a holiday destination since the Roman Empire, boasts two stunning villas: the extraordinary Villa Adriana built by the Emperor Hadrian in AD 126, considered in its day to be Antiquity’s most elaborate complex of buildings; and the equally remarkable Villa d’Este, built in 1550 for Cardinal d’Este and famous for its magnificent gardens.

Hadrian`s Villa

A passionate lover of art and architecture, Emperor Hadrian had crisscrossed his whole empire, and with this villa sought to evoke the works and sites he had seen on his travels. It was almost complete when Hadrian, long gravely ill and distraught at the loss of his favourite Antinous, died in 138. The place was forgotten until the 15C when it began to be looted by collectors and antiquaries. Archaeological excavations (commenced in 1870) have revealed an amazing site of melancholy beauty.

Villa d`Este 

In 1550, the disgraced Cardinal Ippolito d`Este consoled himself by having this villa built. Designed by Neapolitan architect Pirro Ligorio, it is adorned with sumptuous gardens making full use of water features and statues in the Mannerist style. Note the church of Santa Maria Maggiore: a fine Gothic façade, and inside two 15C triptychs and a Madonna by Jacopo Torriti, a late-13C painter and mosaicist.

4 hours tour

1-4 pax : € 230.00 ( from  57.50 € per person )
                                  + 11.00 € pp. ticket Villa Adriana
                                  + 11.00 € pp. ticket Villa d`Este

5-8 pax : € 290.00 ( a from 36.25 € per person )
                                   + 11.00 € pp. ticket Villa Adriana
                                   + 11.00 € pp. ticket Villa d`Este

Price: 290,00 €
Promo: 36,25 € / person

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